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Automation Engine

Auto-heal your data exposure.

  • Eliminate open access to sensitive data
  • Reduce your attack surface
  • Avoid privacy violations
The average employee can access 17 million files on day one.

Think about what it means from a risk perspective. And now think about what it means that manually fixing a single misconfigured folder – without breaking anything – can take six to eight hours.

Eradicate open access in a heartbeat.

Automation Engine can safely remediate open access across your corporate file systems in days, not years. It runs silently in the background to enforce zero trust as users continue to create and share data.


How it works

Identify scope

Varonis maps your environment and finds exposed sensitive data. Select your high priority targets to remediate.

Configure rules

Customize your remediation rule behavior, security group naming scheme, and notification method.

Run rules

Preview expected changes before running a rule. Once a recurring rule is enabled, Varonis will silently auto-heal risk as it appears.

Track progress

Use risk dashboards and reports to demonstrate your jaw-dropping success to auditors and executives.

I don’t think we could have finished fixing permissions without Automation Engine. It would have taken years.
Security Engineer, Regional Healthcare System Read the case study

Key features

Global access remediation

Automatically revoke global access such as the “Everyone” group, Authenticated Users, and Domain Users and replace them with dedicated groups with only the right users.

Broken ACL repair

Automatically fix inconsistent ACLs that cause permissions inheritance to malfunction, creating hard-to-detect security holes.

ROI calculator

Run a custom ROI analysis to demonstrate the business benefits of reducing the risk of a security breach and saving countless hours in manual remediation.


Restore permissions to their state prior to a remediation rule running.