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We’re fighting a different battle than conventional cybersecurity companies—where data is protected first, not last.

Data Protection
Icon_White_DatAdvantageCloud_202108_FNL Icon_Light_DatAdvantage_202108_FNL
Regain complete visibility and control over your valuable data with in-depth permissions mapping, risk remediation, activity auditing, and compliance reporting.
Icon_White_AutomationEngine_202108_FNL Icon_Light_AutomationEngine_202108_FNL
Automation Engine

Massively reduce your attack surface—and keep it that way—by safely and continually revoking open access to sensitive data without human interaction.

Icon_White_DataPrivilege_202108_FNL Icon_Light_DataPrivilege_202108_FNL

Enforce Zero Trust by giving business users the power to review and manage access controls without IT assistance.

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Data Transport Engine

Create automated rules to move, archive, quarantine, or delete data based on content type, sensitivity, age, access activity, and countless other conditions.

Threat Detection & Response
Product Icon_DatAlert White-1 Product Icon_DatAlert

Detect and respond to threats to your data with ML-powered behavioral analysis that can identify suspicious activity without signatures or endpoint agents.

Product Icon_Edge2_Over Product Icon_Edge1

Combine perimeter telemetry with data access activity to stop intrusions and data exfiltration at the edge of your network.

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Varonis for Active Directory

Harden your AD and Azure AD infrastructure by uncovering hidden attack paths, monitoring critical settings, and alerting on behavioral anomalies.

Privacy & Compliance
Icon_White_DataClassificationEngine_202108_FNL Icon_Light_DataClassificationEngine_202108_FNL
Data Classification Engine

Accurately discover sensitive data, see where it’s exposed, and lock it down without interrupting business.

Icon_White_DataClassificationlabels_202108_FNL Icon_Light_DataClassificationlabels_202108_FNL
Data Classification Labels

Programmatically apply persistent sensitivity labels to encrypt, obfuscate, or lock down your most important files.

Icon_White_PolicyPack_202108_FNL Icon_Light_PolicyPack_202108_FNL
Policy Pack

Deploy an ever-expanding library of accurate and comprehensive rules to find and protect GDPR and CCPA data.

Icon_White_FederalPolicyPack_202108_FNL Icon_Light_FederalPolicyPack_202108_FNL
Federal Policy Pack

A library of classification policies to find and protect top secret, secret, and confidential government documents.

Icon_White_DatAnswers_202108_FNL Product Icon_DatAnswers

Satisfy data subject access requests (DSARs) by surfacing personal information across cloud and on-prem files with fast and powerful PII search.

Cloud Security
DatAdvantage Cloud White DatAdvantage Cloud-1
DatAdvantage Cloud

Reduce your SaaS and IaaS blast radius and detect threats with cross-cloud permissions and activity analysis for Salesforce, GitHub, AWS, Google, and more.

Icon_White_DataClassificationCloud_202108_FNL Icon_Light_DataClassificationCloud_202108_FNL
Data Classification Cloud

Accurately discover sensitive data in the cloud and pair classification results with permissions to quickly see which sensitive files, folders, or objects are exposed.

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Varonis for Microsoft 365

Secure your M365 data in ways that are extremely difficult, or flat-out impossible, with Microsoft’s out-of-the-box security suite.


Varonis focuses on protecting enterprise data where it lives—in the largest and most important data stores and applications across the cloud and on-premises.  


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Connect Varonis to the security and privacy tools in your tech stack via ready-made apps and API-based integrations.

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