Operational Journey

In our work with thousands of organizations, Varonis has developed a proven, efficient methodology for organizations to monitor, protect, and manage their data. Our data-centric approach reduces risk, increases efficiency and helps achieve compliance with data-centric regulations like PCI, HIPAA, and GDPR.


01 Deploy

  • Deploy Varonis
  • Discover privileged accounts
  • Classify sensitive data
  • Baseline activity
  • Prioritize risk
  • Visibility into data risk profile
  • Increased activity tracking
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02 Operationalize

  • Enable alerts and automate response
  • Connect to SIEM
  • Create and test incident response plans
  • Operationalize reporting
  • Apply classification labels
  • Index for compliance
  • Incident response plans and automation reduce risk of data theft and loss
  • Staff becomes more operationally efficient with day to day tasks
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03 Fix

  • Remediate exposed sensitive data
  • Eliminate remaining global access groups
  • Eliminate AD artifacts
  • Quarantine sensitive data
  • Archive/delete stale data
  • Significant risk reduction
  • Defensible position with respect to compliance
  • More efficient usage of storage
  • Reduced complexity increases operational efficiency
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04 Transform

  • Identify and assign data owners
  • Simplify permissions structure
  • Enable data-driven reporting
  • Dramatic increase in operational efficiencies
  • Better service for end users (faster access to data)
  • Reduced complexity and risk
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05 Automate

  • Automate authorization workflow via data owners
  • Automate periodic entitlement reviews
  • Automate disposition, quarantining, policy enforcement
  • Reduced risk as policy deviations are corrected automatically and least privilege model is maintained
  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Evidence of process adherence for compliance
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06 Improve

  • Regularly review risks, alerts and processes to ensure continuous improvement
  • Ongoing improvements in risk reduction and operational efficiency

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