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Protect Zoom meetings from external access and cyberattacks. 

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Zoom’s soaring popularity has made it an attractive target for cyberattacks. Detecting and preventing threats can prove challenging with Zoom’s security capabilities alone, leaving your meetings and recordings at risk.


Varonis helps you protect meetings and recordings, monitors the use of accounts, and finds critical misconfigurations that can expose sensitive Zoom information. By monitoring Zoom objects and user accounts, we're able to eliminate exposures, provide advanced detections for internal and external threats, and accelerate cross-cloud investigations. 

Protect your Zoom meetings.

Varonis maps and normalizes permissions into a simple CRUDS (create, read, update, delete, and share) model. With easy-to-read reports, you can quickly see where your Zoom recordings are overexposed and fix misconfigured or out-of-policy accounts. Securely offboard employees and vendors to ensure stale and inactive accounts no longer have access to Zoom objects.  

Detect and prevent account takeovers.

Automatically trigger alerts with out-of-the-box policies specific for Zoom like external access to meetings or stored recordings, unauthorized meeting recording, and unprotected attendance. Varonis also alerts on suspicious activity across cloud apps like access anomalies, org-wide policy changes, or excessive user actions. On top of built-in alerts, you can also easily configure your own alerts.  

Conduct fast cross-cloud investigations.  

Varonis makes investigations faster and more effective because we collect, enrich, and correlate events and identities across cloud apps. Easily see what a user has done within Zoom and across your other cloud apps. Varonis also lets you filter and sort the audit trail by the user, event type, or cloud app.