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Prevent unwanted data exposure from Teams collaboration.

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Every time a user creates new Team, a web of complexity and risk is generated in M365. Each Team creates a SharePoint Online site with three local groups, two Azure AD sub-groups, and a hidden Exchange mailbox/calendar.


As users share files, add members, create channels and links, it becomes harder for IT to protect sensitive data. Native Microsoft security tools don't provide a holistic view into who has access and where data is exposed.


Varonis helps you clearly visualize the impact of Teams collaboration on your environment by making it easy to identify where sensitive data is overexposed. See exactly who can access sensitive data shared through Teams in a single console and remove excessive access where it’s not needed to keep data secure.

Know who can access your sensitive data.

Get a complete picture of who can access sensitive data shared through Teams, regardless of how they got access, through a single interfaceSimply click on the site created by the Team and enumerate every user who has access, their level of permissions, and whether they are external to the organization.

Visualize data exposure from Teams.

Imagine asking, “How many Teams sites contain sensitive data?” and getting an instant, accurate answer. Dynamic dashboards reveal where your sensitive data is shared with external users or shared publicly so you can proactively remove unnecessary access and keep risk low.

Monitor for & investigate suspicious activity.

Alert on suspicious sharing behavior or other red flags and easily conduct investigations across your on-prem and cloud environments. Monitor how users interact with data and log a complete audit trail of data access activity.