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Varonis for Snowflake

Monitor and secure your critical Snowflake data with Varonis' leading DSPM solution.

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Protecting Snowflake data

Thousands of enterprises use Snowflake to simplify their data foundation, power their AI strategy, and develop applications. With Snowflake, end users can easily store, manage, share, and even export data, much of which is sensitive information. Without security oversight, users could potentially expose massive amounts of critical data to cyber threats. Varonis enables organizations to easily identify, monitor, and secure at scale their sensitive Snowflake data and the underlying infrastructure at scale.

Snowflake Integration Sensitive Data - w480px Snowflake Integration Sensitive Data - w480px

Data security posture management

Our customizable DSPM dashboards provide a centralized overview of your data security posture across your Snowflake and broader cloud environments. Easily identify where your sensitive data may be at risk and if there are any gaps in your security posture through excessive access, public exposure, and misconfigurations — all from a single pane of glass view.

Snowflake Integration Dashboard- w770px Snowflake Integration Dashboard- w770px

Sensitive data classification

Varonis scans Snowflake to automatically discover and classify sensitive data across your data warehouse and presents results in an easy-to-read hierarchal view. Hundreds of built-in patterns help you pinpoint concentrations of sensitive and regulated data — including PII, financial data, intellectual property, and AI training data — down to the precise table and column. 

Snowflake Integration Directory Exposure Table - w770px Snowflake Integration Directory Exposure Table - w770px

Data access intelligence

Varonis maps granular permissions to Snowflake data and normalizes them into a simple CRUDS model (create, read, update, delete, and share), making it easy to understand the creation, assignment, and modification of Snowflake roles and permissions. Use Varonis to quickly identify where your critical Snowflake databases are overexposed and get to a least-privilege model. 

Snowflake Integration CRUDS - w530px Snowflake Integration CRUDS - w530px

Activity auditing and alerting

Varonis monitors your Snowflake environment for abnormal or risky activity that could indicate a threat. We can see activities such as abnormal data events, critical security configuration changes, and privilege escalations and alert you to these potential threats in real time. A context-rich audit trail of events makes it simple to understand how your data is being used and by whom so you can easily investigate threats, including lateral movement, across Snowflake and your broader cloud environment. 

Snowflake Integration Alert Daphne - w504px Snowflake Integration Alert Daphne - w504px

Configuration drift detection

Varonis continuously scans your Snowflake data warehouse and broader cloud environment to identify security gaps and misconfigurations that could put your data at risk or break compliance. Easily compare the posture of your environment against standard rules and regulations like CIS, ISO, NIST, and HIPPA, and quickly fix any issues using Varonis’ detailed recommendations.

Snowflake Integration Misconfigurations - 770px Snowflake Integration Misconfigurations - 770px

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