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Protect data in Slack from overexposure and cyberattacks.

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Slack provides an easy way for millions of users to share information and collaborate. It’s quickly become a repository for sensitive information, making it a precious target for attackers. Without a clear view into the types of data being shared, who it is shared with, or who is accessing it, your sensitive data is at risk.


DatAdvantage Cloud helps prioritize risks around stored Slack data, tracks workspace activity, and finds critical misconfigurations that can expose sensitive information. By monitoring Slack objects, events, and privileges, DatAdvantage Cloud can discover and address data exposures, alert on internal and external threats, and accelerate cross-cloud investigations.

Prevent overexposure of data in Slack.

DatAdvantage Cloud maps and normalizes Slack permissions into a simple CRUDS (create, read, update, delete, and share) model. Accelerate the path to least privilege by identifying potential data egress points, like overexposed resources, unmanaged accounts, or inappropriate privileges.

Prevent data exfiltration and insider threats.

Automatically detect threats with out-of-the-box alerts specific for Slack like unusual IP activity, abnormal download activity, and irregular use of private keys. DatAdvantage Cloud also correlates Slack activity with actions taken in other cloud apps to find cross-cloud behavior anomalies, configuration changes, or suspicious user actions.

Conduct fast cross-cloud investigations.  

DatAdvantage Cloud makes investigations faster because we normalize, enrich, and correlate events and identities across cloud apps. With a unified view of a human or non-human identity’s permissions and activity, forensics investigations conclusively answer, “Is my data safe?”