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Protect Salesforce data from overexposure and cyberthreats.

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Salesforce holds some of your most valuable data— from confidential customer information to pricing and contract details. That, combined with how configurable and complex Salesforce permissions are, makes Salesforce a prime target for attackers.


With Varonis DatAdvantage Cloud, you can easily manage Salesforce permissions and monitor for suspicious activity to ensure your mission-critical data is protected. We link user accounts across cloud apps, giving you a clear picture of where users, like ex-contractors, have access they no longer need. Because we collect, normalize, and correlate identities, permissions, and activities, you can conduct investigations across apps quickly, without correlating logs.

Prevent data exfiltration and insider threats.

If your top salesperson downloaded your entire customer list a week before heading off to your biggest competitor, would you know? Automatically detect internal and external threats with built-in alerts like accessing an unusual number of Salesforce objects, deactivating a critical update, or escalating privileges. On top of built-in alerts, you can easily configure your own alerts without writing any Apex code.

Conduct fast cross-cloud investigations.

DatAdvantage Cloud makes investigations faster and more effective than with built-in Salesforce capabilities alone because we enrich events and correlate identities across cloud apps. Easily bundle cross-cloud activities to see things like all access management events or all authentication events, sort the audit trail by user or cloud app, and easily filter events by user.

See all the action and none of the noise.

With different roles and permissions sets, on top of multiple Salesforce tenants that often exist in a single organization, Salesforce configurations are incredibly complex, leaving data exposed. DatAdvantage Cloud maps and normalizes Salesforce permissions into a simple CRUDS (create, read, update, delete, and share) model, helping IT and security teams properly offboard users and prevent excessive access.