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Protect your sensitive data from overexposure and cyberattacks.

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OneDrive enables Microsoft 365 users to store and share enormous amounts of data for real-time, remote collaboration in the cloud. Syncing and sharing features in OneDrive make it virtually impossible to identify and protect sensitive files across thousands of users and petabytes of data with Microsoft’s built-in security capabilities alone.


With Varonis, you can automatically visualize your sensitive data risk across the billions of files being stored and shared in OneDrive  and proactively reduce overexposure. Transparently monitor data activity and log a complete audit trail of events to understand how users share, access, and use data so you can detect the early signs of threats and remediate risk.

Classify and lock down your sensitive data. 

Automatically and accurately classify sensitive data shared and stored in OneDrive to achieve compliance and prioritize your remediation efforts. Map permissions to see and eliminate sensitive data exposurevia shared links, groups, or direct permissions.

Rapidly detect and respond to threats. 

Thwart ransomware and insider threats with behavioral-based alerting. Varonis proactively alerts you to threats to your OneDrive data like anomalous sensitive data access, the presence of hacking tools, or suspicious sharing activity. Automated responses can help you stop threats before they take hold.

Investigate incidents fast.

Varonis creates a normalized record of file, folder, and link sharing actions in OneDrive—even actions performed via Microsoft Teams. Quickly investigate a security incident with a detailed forensics log. Search and filter by user, file server, event type, etc. Correlate OneDrive events with other events from systems like SharePoint, on-prem filers, Active Directory and more.