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Protect your critical Okta identities from overexposure and cyberattacks.

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Okta is the leading cloud-based identity service that connects peopleemployees, partners, contractors, and even customersto their applications from any device, anywhere, anytime. Detecting and preventing threats can prove challenging with Okta’s security capabilities alone, leaving your sanctioned business applicationsand the data they hold at risk. 


With Varonis, you can easily manage Okta assignments and detect suspicious activity to ensure your applications are protected. We help identify and prioritize risks around application assignments, excessive enrollments, and misconfigurations in Okta.  


By integrating permissions and post-login activity, you can discover & eliminate exposures, alert on internal and external threats, and accelerate cross-cloud investigations.  


Reduce your Okta attack surface.

With easy-to-read reports, you can quickly see where your users have excessive access to your applications and devicesIdentify and fix critical misconfigurations and overlapping assignments to reduce your exposure and secure your sensitive assets. Securely offboard employees and manage vendors and non-human identities to ensure stale accounts no longer have access to Okta.   

Detect and prevent Okta account takeovers.

Protect your critical applications from malicious actors with notifications on risky configuration changes and privilege escalations. Get alerts on suspicious connection attempts, excessive user password reset or unlock attempts and modifications to the Okta network zones. Easily bundle cross-cloud activities to see things like accessing all critical apps with privileged roles or resetting admin accounts of other services through Okta. On top of built-in alerts, you can easily configure your own alerts. 

Conduct fast cross-cloud investigations. 

Varonis makes investigations faster and more effective because we enrich events and correlate identities across cloud apps. Easily discover unlinked identities living outside Okta and see what a user has done across your other cloud apps. DatAdvantage Cloud also lets you filter and sort the audit trail by the user, event type, or cloud service.