How It Works

Our Data Security Platform is built by world-class cybersecurity experts with deep expertise in machine learning and advanced analytics.


Varonis' Metadata Framework technology continually collects and analyzes data from your enterprise data stores and perimeter devices. Our architecture uses distributed collectors that allow you to scale out as your IT infrastructure grows. We never write to disk on the systems that we’re auditing, and we have patented data structures and algorithms for normalizing metadata, so you never have to worry about purging and pruning historical information.

Users & GroupsPermissionsAccess ActivityAD TelemetryPerimeter TelemetryContent Classification

We collect 6 core metadata streams that are essential ingredients for data protection. By combining this metadata in innovative and unique ways, we can do things like prioritize your riskiest data based on sensitivity, exposure, and access activity. We can generate recommendations on which users no longer require access, identify data owners, model permissions changes and much more.

Built-in reports help you trend key security metrics and prepare for compliance audits. Run reports on demand, or schedule them for automatic delivery.
Intuitive risk dashboards give you a panoramic view of your organization’s risk.
Integrate with our flexible APIs to create custom functionality.

A powerful commit engine can simulate access control changes in a sandbox and commit them when ready. Varonis abstracts away all the idiosyncrasies between data stores, performs dependency checking, and allows for multi-threaded jobs, scheduling and rolling back changes.


Metadata Framework

Varonis Data Security Platform Server (IDU) MS SQL Varonis Probe/ Aggregator Firewall Varonis Collectors Varonis Collectors Office 365 File Server WIN/NAS/*nix SharePoint Exchange/ Email Active Dir./ LDAP/NIS Topology Varonis DataSecurity PlatformServer (IDU) MS SQL Varonis Probe/Aggregator Firewall Varonis Collectors Varonis Collectors Office 365 File ServerWIN/NAS/ nix SharePoint Exchange/Email Active Dir./LDAP/NIS

FAQFrequently Asked Questions

General Information

  • What platforms do you support?

    Platforms that Varonis supports includes:

    • Windows
    • SharePoint
    • NetApp
    • NetApp Cluster Mode
    • EMC VNX (Celerra) Isilon
    • Hitachi NAS
    • Directory Services
    • Exchange
    • UNIX
    • UNIX SMB
    • HP NAS
    • Dell Fluid FS
    • Exchange Online
    • SharePoint Online
    • OneDrive
    • Nasuni
    • and more...
  • Will it slow down / affect my system?

    Nope. Varonis leverages collectors to manage all of the data processing for DatAlert, so there is zero additional load on your data stores.

  • Does it integrate with X?

    Varonis integrates with a variety of SIEM, security, and storage solutions: click here to find out more.

Need to integrate Varonis with other solutions?

Check out our API documentation or reach out and let us know what you’re working on.