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How Varonis is Safeguarding One Real Estate Developer From a Difficult-to-Detect Cyberthreat


DNS tunneling threats


data-centric auditing


on suspicious activity

“When it comes to ease of use, data classification, monitoring files and permissions, or pulling all of that data together—no other solution can hold a candle to Varonis.

Tony Hamil, Cyber Security Engineer, U.S. Real Estate Developer


This top U.S. real estate developer continuously works to improve its ability to detect and respond to threats to protect against hackers. Keeping data safe as the company migrated to a cloud-based file share and preventing destructive cyberattacks and data breaches using DNS tunneling and other methods were major concerns.

When it came to file integrity monitoring, we had to go with Varonis. The other players were either outdated, didn’t do the job as well, or resulted in too much of a performance hit.

Tony Hamil, Cyber Security Engineer, U.S. Real Estate Developer


  • Monitor file integrity during migration to a new cloud-based file sharing program: The company has been using Varonis since 2015 to lock down permissions across its on-premises and cloud-based data stores.
  • Protect sensitive information on-premises & in the cloud: The real estate developer relies on Varonis to gain visibility into their sensitive data held on-premises and in the cloud.
  • Detect potentially destructive cyberattacks & data breaches: The customer relies on DatAlert to detect potential malware or internal data leaks. Varonis Edge helps the company spot subtle signs of attack, including ones using DNS tunneling, from the network perimeter.

Most platforms can tell you where an event happened. But only Varonis gives you full data correlation and a unified audit trail of events that shows exactly what’s happening and every file that’s been touched, including in the cloud.

Tony Hamil, Cyber Security Engineer, U.S. Real Estate Developer

Customer Profile

  • Customer: U.S. Real Estate Developer
  • Industry: Commerical Real Estate

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