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How Varonis Edge is Helping a U.S. Manufacturer Fortify On-Prem and Cloud Data Security

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“Varonis is a best-of-breed, world-class solution. It allows us to do everything from managing share permissions to locating sensitive data to securing our on-prem and cloud environments. Doing all of that from a single pane of glass saves us time in the long run.”

Manager, Infrastructure, U.S. Manufacturer


In 2017, a major U.S. manufacturer was seeking a data access governance solution. They needed to know where personal data lived in their network, which users had access to it, and what they were doing with that data.

The firm had other goals too. The more complicated their on-prem and cloud environments became, the more difficult it was to monitor for the telltale signs of insider and outsider threats.

It needed a multi-faceted solution—software that would give them more insight into their network and help them identify and protect personal information and intellectual property from bad actors.

“Finding specific information was very tedious. It could take hours or even days to locate data through basic search functions. We needed a solution that would catalog and index data and provide insight into our network.”

Manager, Infrastructure, U.S. Manufacturer


  • Visibility and Control of Sensitive Data: DatAdvantage for Windows and Directory Services maps who can access (and who does access) sensitive data across their on-prem environments. Data Classification Engine automatically identifies PII and other sensitive data across file shares and cloud data stores.
  • Continuous Monitoring and Alerting on Data and Systems: DatAlert Suite provides continuous monitoring and real-time alerting on suspicious activities and equips them with a suite of forensics capabilities.
  • Data Visibility in the Cloud: A year after turning to Varonis, they expanded DatAdvantage to include support for UNIX and Exchange Online. This provides increased insight into their on-premises data stores and cloud email. They are also adding support for OneDrive and SharePoint Online. With that expansion, the company will have high-level visibility into both their cloud environments and their on-premises data stores.
  • Perimeter Threat Detection: They are adding Edge to their security lineup. Edge helps contextualize perimeter data, allowing the Infrastructure Manager and their team to detect even the subtlest signs of attack via their DNS, VPN, and web proxies.

“We’ve been working on securing our environment by adding more Varonis products to our security lineup. DatAdvantage provides critical
support for Office 365, and Edge gives us insight into DNS information
and private networks that are often overlooked.”

Manager, Infrastructure, U.S. Manufacturer

Customer Profile

  • Location: U.S.
  • Industry: Manufacturing

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