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How Varonis is Helping a U.S. Credit Union Proactively Protect Sensitive User Data


auditing requirements

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When you have to meet compliance regulations, gain visibility into your network, or protect your file shares, Active Directory and Office 365 from potential threats, Varonis is the all-in-one Swiss Army Knife you need.

Industry Professional, IT Security Administrator, U.S. Federal Credit Union


Protecting cardholder information and other sensitive data is essential for organizations like credit unions for passing audits, like the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), and avoiding regulatory penalties. The credit union was also preparing to roll out OneDrive and SharePoint Online. With this change, they needed assurances that they could control and have full visibility on the data being shared.

How can you protect cardholder data when you don’t know where it is? You can’t. We needed a way to view our unstructured data, clean up our Active Directory groups and folder structures, and help us detect potential threats.

Industry Professional, IT Security Administrator, U.S. Federal Credit Union


  • Lock Down Sensitive Data: The U.S. credit union relies on Varonis to find all of its PCI data and ensure it remains on-premises. Varonis provides visibility into who has access to what and which data is being shared.
  • Proactive Regulatory Compliance: Varonis has equipped the credit union with everything it needs to prove that they have all necessary safeguards in place—and that they take data security seriously. Now, the security admin sleeps easier knowing that their financial institution has a crystal clear audit trail.
  • Threat Detection & Response: Varonis has become ubiquitous to this credit union’s data protection strategy by monitoring everything from sensitive folder permissions changes to changes to critical groups like Domain Admins.

Varonis is an all-in-one cybersecurity platform. We use it to protect Active
Directory, network shares, and Office 365. Varonis classifies our sensitive
data, shows us where it’s at-risk, and alerts us to any abnormal activity.

Industry Professional, IT Security Administrator, U.S. Federal Credit Union

Customer Profile

  • Customer: U.S. Federal Credit Union
  • Industry: Financial Services

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