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How a Top U.S. Airline is Making a Worry-Free Transition to OneDrive Thanks to Varonis


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“It doesn’t matter what your company does—if you have sensitive files to protect, you should have Varonis.”

Senior Analyst, Security & Incident Response, Top U.S. Airline


When a top U.S. airline (which has requested anonymity) adopted Varonis, they needed a solution that would help them protect their data and monitor all of their on-premises file servers. As they grew, senior leaders decided to switch from on-premises storage to the Microsoft Office 365 cloud to facilitate collaboration and protect sensitive data.

“We didn’t realize how many people were keeping information in their personal folders. For example, when our travel department received booking requests for executives, there were people who would save that information in plain text in their folders. It was a big eye-opener for us.”

Senior Manager, Information Security & Compliance, Top U.S. Airline


  • Track who can access and modify file shares. The Varonis Data Security Platform automatically catalogs all user accounts, group memberships, and their permissions to data and resources. It also tracks account activity for monitoring and immediate response whenever a user accesses or modifies sensitive files.
  • Ensure data security for their move to Office 365. Varonis gives the airline confidence they won’t sacrifice data security during their move to OneDrive.
  • Ensure PCI and SOC 2 compliance. If they’d run afoul of a security breach and were found to be non-compliant, they could have faced fines of up to $100,000 every month. With Varonis, the airline knows how much sensitive data they have and if it's unsecured.

“Our confidence is high when it comes to Varonis. It’s easy to implement and intuitive to understand. The alert dashboard clearly shows me what I should be paying attention to—top alerted devices, top alerted threat models, and things like that.”

Senior Manager, Information Security & Compliance, Top U.S. Airline

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  • Customer: Top U.S. Airline

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