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How Grant Thornton controls sensitive data access with Varonis


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Since deploying DatAdvantage we’re not only able to find missing directories but also identify and prove which user is responsible for moving or deleting it saving time and improving efficiency.

Eric Mege, Security Officer, Grant Thornton France


Grant Thornton France was unable to consolidate access to its 30 file servers which, at the time, contained approximately four terabytes of data. Its Help Desk would spend on average 20% of its time speaking to users trying to access data that ‘had disappeared’, manually tracking down missing directories and restoring the information. Users would often claim to have had no involvement in the information vanishing with the IT team helpless to prove otherwise. Initially, it tried to resolve the situation by using audit features within Microsoft Exchange Server, however this proved unfeasible as each time it was activated, the system was unable to operate causing the file servers to fail.

We needed a way of pinpointing the exact moment the data had moved so it could be reversed and everyone could get on with their jobs – for us it's improving the infrastructure.

Eric Mege, Security Officer, Grant Thornton France


  • Improve efficiency and save time: With the time saved by increasing help desk efficiency, Grant Thornton’s IT team can turn its attention back to the day job, and other areas of the infrastructure, where it can make improvements and add value without needing additional people.
  • Monitor file access activity and maintain security: Grant Thornton receives detailed information on which files users and groups have access to, as well as those that are actually being accessed and by whom to gain control of its permissions and maintain the security of its sensitive data.
  • Resolve file issues using automation: The IT team can pinpoint the exact moment data had moved so it could be reversed and everyone could get on with their jobs.

DatAdvantage has been a good teacher for our users as now, when they lose a file, they don’t claim innocence because we have the proof of who did it and when.

Eric Mege, Security Officer, Grant Thornton France

Customer Profile

  • Customer: Grant Thornton
  • Industry: Accounting
  • Location: New York, NY

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