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How Major U.S. Energy Provider Uses Varonis as the Heart of their Security Operations Center




for ransomware & unusual file access


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Most solutions focus on threat prevention. But detection, prevention, and investigation are all interrelated. No other solution does all three as well as Varonis.

Security Engineer, Incident Response, Energy Provider


Data breaches and cyberattacks affect billions of people every year. In 2017, wormable ransomware like Petya, NotPetya, and Wannacry wreaked havoc on a global scale. And more than 2.3 billion records were leaked in July 2019 alone. Small wonder that data privacy and protection is front of mind for most companies.

To combat the rising threat, many businesses have onsite Security Operations Centers (SOCs), which act as security “nerve centers”—allowing security teams to monitor various parts of the network for threats and suspicious activities.

The truth of the matter is that a security threat either has happened or will happen to almost every company—be it a malicious insider with too much access or a bad actor infiltrating your network.

Security Engineer, Incident Response, Energy Provider


  • Data-centric security on-premises and in the cloud: The company turned to Varonis to protect its on-prem data stores in 2007. They are now scaling data out to the cloud. To ensure that their data is protected, they’ve added DatAdvantage and Data Classification Engine for Sharepoint and Office 365.
  • Security operations center with DatAlert at its center: The energy provider adopted DatAlert in 2014. Since then, Varonis has become pivotal to their threat detection and response program. The Varonis DatAlert dashboard is the centerpiece of their SOC and it enables their security group to monitor their network for threats and anomalies.
  • Data protection for sensitive information: The company has alerts set up specifically to monitor user data, which warns them whenever someone accesses sensitive information.
  • Threat detection and investigation: When DatAlert directs them to a potential problem, DatAdvantage for Windows, SharePoint, and OneDrive enables them to understand the full extent of the threat. With these solutions, they’re able to follow a comprehensive audit trail, analyze every file touched, and know whether or not the files contain sensitive information.

Varonis’ customer service is unbelievable. I have never experienced support this good from any other vendor. They have a strong desire to help you use the product to the best of its ability in a way that meets all of your requirements.

Security Engineer, Incident Response, Energy Provider

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  • Location: U.S.
  • Industry: Energy & Utilities

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