Case Study

How the City of San Diego fights back
against half a million cyberattacks a day, protecting the city’s data, infrastructure, and citizens with Varonis





1.3 M


5 PB

of data

500 K

cyberattacks a day

In the last year, we’ve gone from averaging five ransomware attacks a month to now around 10-15 times a day – all because someone clicks on something they shouldn’t have.

CISO, City of San Diego


The City of San Diego needed a solution that could address data security and the evolving threat landscape for a city of over 1.3 million - from keeping services up and running for everything from police cars to trash collection to city buildings to protecting the personal data of San Diego residents.

The more I began to examine the cybersecurity landscape, the more I realized that the traditional perimeter security strategy was inadequate for the threats we currently face today ... I needed to move security from the edge down to the data level, where my data flows are at, and actually start tracking who’s accessing it and what’s being done with it.

CISO, City of San Diego


  • Identify and stop cyberattacks: with Varonis, the City of San Diego can now detect suspicious activity, automate responses to defend and thwart cyberattacks, and get context about the extent of the damage so that the City can respond quickly and stop it from expanding across share drives and destroying folders.
  • Identify critical data: Varonis helped identify the data they need for business operations and archive or remove unnecessary duplicates and stale data, freeing up almost 30% of critical space and saving money.

Varonis helps us to identify and stop these breaches. It helps us better understand if the ransomware was successful and whether it reached any of our share drives, so we can respond quickly and stop it from expanding and destroying folders.

CISO, City of San Diego
  • Reduce risk of infrastructure damage: Varonis helps lock down access to critical data that affects the daily operations of the City of San Diego, reducing the risk of infrastructure damage and service interruptions.
  • Meet regulatory standards: Varonis helps the City of San Diego meet regulatory challenges that come with being a public government municipality, processing everything from credit card payments to municipal bonds.

There are several different regulatory verticals that our data, accounts and business practices fall into, and I wanted to build a data security platform to look at all the various types of data the city has, who is accessing it and the practices we have for processing it. Varonis is that platform for us.

CISO, City of San Diego

Customer Profile

  • Customer: The City of San Diego
  • Industry: Government
  • Location: San Diego, California, U.S.

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