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How AXA Wealth gets visibility into their data and automates permissions with Varonis


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As soon as we installed DatAdvantage we were almost immediately able to answer many of the previously elusive questions – a major breakthrough.

Serena Lee, Senior Security Analyst, AXA Wealth


AXA required a solution that could help manage and give visibility into their complex environment: copious Active Directory security groups, fragmented access to confidential data, and redundant groups and excessive permissions.

They were unable to track who had access to what, and had no way to identify and separate data owners (and data) that had recently been inherited from an M&A.

We now simply check DatAdvantage to see which groups grant access to any given folder, or which folders a group can access, to make the appropriate permissions allocation.

Serena Lee, Senior Security Analyst, AXA Wealth


  • Clean-up permissions: Varonis helps AXA automate permissions and reduce overexposed data - by monitoring and removing stale groups and users, eliminating excessive permissions, and implementing a least privilege model.
  • Monitor and track data access: AXA uses Varonis to get visibility into file activity and user behavior: they can now identify who data owners are, who is accessing the data, and reduce risk of overexposed data and vulnerable access points.
  • Automate data access and permissions: AXA now uses DataPrivilege to streamline data access requests, simplifying the permissions process while enabling users with a self-service authorization process.
  • Simplify inherited M&A permissions: AXA leverages Varonis to simplify and manage inherited data and permissions from M&A processes: they use DatAdvantage to see what data different teams can access, and help make logical data separation decisions based on permissions and activity history. AXA is able to meet compliance with separation of duties "closed book" requirements - a major win during separation periods given the sensitivity of the business process.

Today users can request access to a group, and the data owners are automatically involved in the decision to either grant or revoke access without IT intervention. This not only speeds the process up, but also frees up IT to perform other tasks.

Serena Lee, Senior Security Analyst, AXA Wealth

AXA Wealth

  • Customer: AXA Wealth
  • Industry: Finance
  • Location: UK & Ireland

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