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How American Health Insurance Plans protects its growing unstructured data


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AHIP had a hardware performance problem that resulted in a permissions reset. Scanning the network became a timely task... [we needed a solution to] get in quickly to solve the problem and have AHIP back up and running.

James Crifasi, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, RedZone Technologies


AHIP was formed through the merger of two trade associations: Health Insurance Association of America (HIAA) and American Association of Health Plans (AAHP). As a result of the merger, two large file servers needed to coincide without any legacy data falling by the wayside.

We’ve been so pleased with the implementation of Varonis. It provides us with a more granular look at where our data resides and who is accessing it.

Anthony Meoni, VP of Information and Business Technology, American Health Insurance Plans


  • Monitor and alert on insider threats and unusual user behavior activity: With DatAdvantage and DatAlert, AHIP can easily identify who has access to which files and set alert triggers for any unusual activity or anomalies that could indicate threats or unnecessary data.
  • Reduce risk from overexposed sensitive data: AHIP uses Varonis to protect its growing unstructured data.
  • Gain insight into historical data: With Varonis, AHIP was able to locate and move sensitive data that had broader access.

As an organization representing the health insurance industry, security is a central priority for us and with the Varonis solutions in place, we know we can rest assured that any unusual activity will be caught and stopped before damage takes place.

Anthony Meoni, VP of Information and Business Technology, American Health Insurance Plans

Customer Profile

  • Customer: American Health Insurance Plans
  • Industry: Trade Association Representing Health Insurance
  • Location: Washington, D.C.

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