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Detect threats
in real-time

Alert on suspicious behavior, malware, privilege escalations, access to sensitive files and more.

Is your data
at risk?

See who can access sensitive data, monitor access activity, and prevent data breaches.

Secure File
Sync & Share

Give users secure remote access to your corporate file shares without giving up control.


Search enterprise documents quickly, securely, and cost effectively.

  • Insider Threats
  • Data Protection
  • Secure File Sync
  • Secure Search

Varonis increases productivity, reduces risk, and lowers cost for thousands of enterprises.

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Audit your data in minutes, not days

Ensure the right access to the right data, monitor use, flag abuse. Identify and lockdown sensitive content, remain compliant, detect and prevent breaches.

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Turn your file shares into a secure private cloud

DatAnywhere instantly enables secure mobile access, file synchronization, and secure 3rd party sharing for your existing file shares.

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“What we have now is unprecedented visibility into who has access to which information.”

Jan Billiet, Director of IS Security and Risk Management, Philip Morris International

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Not sure whether your environment is protected? We’ll help you find risk areas, audit access, and protect your data. 100% free for a limited time.

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