Varonis helps TrialCard Protect Patient Information

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Location: Morrisville, North Carolina

Industry: Pharmaceuticals

Products: DatAdvantage for WindowsData Classification Framework, and DatAlert

TrialCard offers customized Patient Access solutions exclusively for the pharmaceutical industry in support of Product Marketing, Patient Assistance Programs, and Phase IV clinical trials. TrialCard innovates by focusing on client brands and analyzing new trends in prescription optimization for both insured and uninsured patients.

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What caught my eye about Varonis was the ability to have a granular look at data ownership, access and use and apply intelligence to spot anomalous behavior. The other products just didn’t have that level of visibility.

— Stuart Browy, Security Engineer at TrialCard



TrialCard set out to find a solution that could improve security control over its data, enhance file integrity and exceed maintenance of regulatory compliance.

As a pharmaceutical services provider, it’s important for the company to adhere to data protection policies, remaining both secure and compliant. Already meeting its required regulatory compliance, TrialCard wanted to go above and beyond for its customers and needed a solution to pinpoint where sensitive data is held, who owns it, who has access to it, who is using it, and who may be abusing their access. After evaluating several solutions, TrialCard found and implemented Varonis DatAdvantage for Windows, Data Classification Framework and DatAlert as the cornerstone of their data security platform.

Stuart Browy, Security Engineer at TrialCard, said, “The proof of concept only took two days to set up, and the depth of analysis it was able to provide immediately on stale users, accounts and data classification, solidified our decision. I’ve dealt with file integrity in previous positions, so I was familiar with the major players and their capabilities. What caught my eye about Varonis was the ability to have a granular look at data ownership, access and use and apply intelligence to spot anomalous behavior. The other products just didn’t have that level of visibility.”


Varonis Data Classification Framework helps to quickly discover sensitive content, show where it is exposed and lock it down. As a company that prides itself on listening to the needs of clients and developing solutions to address market challenges, TrialCard wanted a security solution with those same attributes. Therefore, they chose Varonis to run on every one of their servers.

According to Browy, “On any given day in our environment, we’ll have between three to four million files touched across the entire company. One thing Varonis DatAlert does very well is watch what individual users do over a given period of time, and if that user goes outside of the norm, it alerts us. It saves a lot of analytical work that I would otherwise have to do.”


“Luckily we haven’t been targeted with a ransomware attack, but I’m very confident that if we were hit, Varonis DatAlert would catch it. We know this because we’ve run tests on the environment to determine its flexibility and ability to detect threats. Since we’ve run Varonis on every machine in our network, we’ve realized just how much stale data we were storing. Leaving that stale data in active files wastes time, money and could even make us vulnerable to threats.”

Varonis identifies stale data that is no longer accessed by real users – saving disk space, lowering costs and simplifying management to improve security across the environment. Varonis also uses machine learning and bi-directional cluster analysis to pinpoint users that have access to files they don’t need to do their jobs, further strengthening the security of an environment from cyberattacks and insider threats.


Varonis Risk Assessments quickly show you where your most vulnerable data is stored, who is accessing it, and what needs to be done to secure it. Find out more here.