How M-Systems authorized access to sensitive business data to ensure data governance

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The Customer

Location: Kfar Saba, Israel

Industry:  Manufacturing

Products: DatAdvantage

M-Systems is a pioneer and global leader in flash memory storage solutions including flash drives for mobile handsets, USB drives, Flash enabled SIM cards and advanced multi source NAND flash, among others. M-Systems has over 800 employees worldwide and collaborates with international OEM partners and leading Flash industry suppliers, contract manufacturers, venture partners and a broad customer base. M-Systems operates in a highly competitive and evolving business landscape, continually innovating technologies and delivering new products to forge the highest industry standards while achieving the flexibility to meet the changing demands of customers.

Given the sensitive nature of our data and intellectual property we were also looking for a solution that would let us see who is using each library, at any given time….Varonis DatAdvantage delivers full visibility of data utilization across M-Systems.

– Udi Weinstein, CIO, M-Systems

The Challenge

Effectively authorize access to sensitive business data to ensure data governance across M-Systems’ diverse user base. M-Systems’ technologies, products, business and manufacturing depend on access to shared data. While dynamic and flexible collaborations are fundamental to M-Systems success, exposure to business risks due to unauthorized access is unacceptable. Thus for M-Systems, making sure that only the right users have access to the right data and libraries becomes paramount.

“At M-Systems, we maintain a centralized database and storage to streamline operations. Managing permissions across our consolidated infrastructure requires matching between a heterogeneous user-base, very large data volumes and dynamic business requirements” says Udi Weinstein, CIO.

Evaluation Parameters

The evaluation parameters hinged on the simplicity, accuracy and adaptability of the data governance solution. “Since M-Systems has many libraries, and many existing user groups it was important for us to be able to accurately and simply classify and configure security groups by business requirements, overriding departmental or other historical groupings.”

Elaborates Weinstein. “Given the sensitive nature of our data and intellectual property we were also looking for a solution that would let us see who is using each library, at any given time. As M-Systems is a very dynamic company we were especially concerned with locating libraries that might still be active, after project completion, or after users changed positions, responsibilities or departed from the company.”

The Solution

M-Systems deployed Varonis DatAdvantage to effectively manage authorizations and govern data usage.

Business Benefits

Visibility of Data Usage Across M-Systems Libraries

In operation for over a year, Varonis DatAdvantage delivers full visibility of data utilization across M-Systems’ libraries.

Adaptive Authorizations

By understanding the true relationship between M-Systems users and data, DatAdvantage delivers actionable intelligence to accurately configure permissions and security groups. With DatAdvantage, M-Systems is able to establish actual user data needs, recommending access privileges to drive productivity, while eliminating unnecessary and potentially damaging access. DatAdvantage adaptive recommendations are especially suited to M-Systems fast-paced business environment, making it possible to continuously update permissions based on changing organizational structure and dynamic business, manufacturing and other partnerships.

Data Owner Identification

By identifying data ownership, DatAdvantage helps M-Systems differentiate between live and stale files and better manage user data accountability.

Full Auditing for Compliance

DatAdvantage custom fit audit trail lets M-Systems isolate activity across its libraries, to easily identify and report suspect behaviors and document data handling to meet any legal, compliance or industry regulation.

Reduced IT Management Costs

Before deploying DatAdvantage, M-Systems had a large volume of system calls requiring extensive help desk attention. With DatAdvantage, IT permissions management was dramatically reduced to only 20 minutes a day, reducing IT management complexity and overhead.