How Frogmore Improved Collaboration and Keeps Data Safe from Internal and External Threats with Help from Varonis

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The Customer

Location: London, England

Industry: Financial Services / Real Estate

Products: DatAdvantage for Windows, Data Classification Framework, Data Transport Engine, DatAnswers, DatAnywhere, Varonis Professional Services

Founded in 1961, Frogmore is one of the U.K.’s premier real estate companies focused on commercial real estate investments.

We were finding that our attachments were getting a lot bigger and we couldn’t send emails with PDFs in them. We didn’t think Dropbox was secure enough, so we went looking for a more secure alternative that would allow us to actually own the data. We’ve been using Varonis DatAnywhere for two years now and really like it ─ the solution’s quickness and ease of use allows us to quickly get files out to clients that previously took a great deal longer. Additionally, Varonis DatAdvantage has greatly reduced risk as we now have the ability to lock down folders, no longer allowing staff free access to classified data.

Ben Lester – IT support engineer, Frogmore Property Company Ltd.

Business Requirements

Peace of mind knowing documents are safe from insider threats: Frogmore needed to ensure that important documents were kept private and could not be copied by employees leaving the company.

Data Tracking: Frogmore also needed to keep track of who has access to which documents, who is in fact accessing these documents, and prevent them from being lost.

Secure Data Migration: When changing from an older server to a new server, Frogmore needed to ensure all data was moved over safely.

Easy Enterprise Search: Frogmore also needed an easy-to-use solution that would allow employees to easily search for unstructured data in corporate file shares.

Improve Collaboration and Facilitate Large Attachments: Employees sending large email attachments to investors needed a secure alternative to Dropbox.

Varonis Solutions & Results

Varonis DatAdvantage for Windows – Company Data is Now Safe and Sound 

A key element for Frogmore was knowing that important documents were kept private and could not be copied by employees leaving the company. After deciding the alternative supplier offerings were neither cost-effective nor solved the issue at hand, Frogmore deployed Varonis DatAdvantage to help keep track of which files employees were viewing, moving, and copying.

Microsoft Windows file servers lack the ability to quickly see who has access to data and what they’ve accessed, identify excessive permissions, lock down sensitive content, and identify data owners. Varonis DatAdvantage for Windows ensures that only the right people at Frogmore have access to the right data at all times, all access is monitored, and abuse is flagged.

With DatAdvantage, Frogmore can now monitor the file-downloading actions of any employee prior to their departure from the company. This enables IT staff and managers’ visibility to all files being accessed by employees, and if they are being emailed off site or copied to portable hard drives.

“Varonis has definitely reduced the risk of data leaving the company. In the past, we had members of staff who were departing and tried to take data with them. Now when an employee announces he or she is leaving the company, we can monitor their file-downloading activity, and also find out if they downloaded any files to a USB,” said Lester.

Lester added, when choosing the best option for Frogmore, Varonis was the obvious choice, “Varonis is a stable company with an excellent support staff. We used Varonis Professional Services for remediation purposes when we were locking down the system. They showed us the advanced features, which greatly assisted the implementation of the solution.”

Varonis Data Classification Framework – Understand and Find Sensitive Content

An organization like Frogmore has terabytes of data, much of which is comprised of files that are considered sensitive. Finding these files is a challenge, and so is figuring out who has access to them.

With Varonis Data Classification Framework, Frogmore now understands how sensitive data is being used, including who has access, who’s using it, and to whom it belongs.

Varonis Data Transport Engine – Easy and Secure Data Migration 

Moving data isn’t easy. In fact, it can be downright nerve-wracking to migrate critical data under strict time constraints, with little or no downtime, while ensuring that the data is accessible to the right people—and only the right people—when it gets to the destination. Varonis Data Transport Engine gave Frogmore peace of mind as it migrated data from domain to domain, from file server to NAS, file server to SharePoint (or vice versa). It can track file movements and ensure no classified data is moved without management’s permission.

We used Varonis Data Transport Engine when we were carrying out a server migration. We chose to implement it because it could carry over all of the security permissions,” said Lester. “We ran Data Transport Engine in an initial sandbox scenario – being able to do this proactively helped us avoid a scenario in which we proceeded with the migration only to find out there was a problem halfway through, or the permissions have not been copied over correctly – which in the end would have entailed more work.”

Varonis DatAnswers – Secure and Easy Search Engine

DatAnswers delivers relevant search results to only Frogmore employees who should have access to them, and only the people who should have access to them. The solution uses metadata to understand relationships between Frogmore’s people and data, profiles access activity and behavior, predicts where permissions are incorrect, and delivers a better experience through highly relevant search results, protection of sensitive content, and efficient indexing.

Varonis DatAnywhere – Secure Employee Collaboration and Sharing Large Files Externally

With a large and varied contact base, an important day-to-day activity within Frogmore involves sending large documents to advisors and contacts. After realizing these files were too big for its current email system, Frogmore sought a secure, reliable solution that would enable all staff members to share the required files with contacts. With public cloud sharing options like Dropbox not secure enough to meet its needs, Frogmore deployed DatAnywhere, Varonis’ enterprise file-sync-and-share solution that provides a secure private cloud experience using the client’s existing file sharing infrastructure. Varonis DatAnywhere gives Frogmore management the luxury of knowing company files can be shared with others quickly, securely, and cost-effectively.

Lester added, “DatAnywhere lets us easily share large files instantly and securely, whereas before these files were getting rejected by the email providers due to their size. Our staff’s day-to-day productivity has improved as we no longer need couriers to deliver the files physically.”


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