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Dayton Superior Expands Varonis Deployment to Secure Data in the Cloud

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The Customer

Location: Miamisburg, Ohio

Industry: Manufacturing – Non-residential Construction

Product: DatAdvantage

Serving the concrete construction industry for more than 100 years, Dayton Superior is the leading provider of accessories, chemicals, forming, shoring and paving product solutions within the non-residential concrete construction industry.

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We get a lot of phone calls about missing files and folders, and 90 percent of the time, the user renamed or dragged and dropped it somewhere else. DatAdvantage makes it easy to see what happened and when.

— Bobby Keller, Senior Systems Engineer at Dayton Superior

Business Requirements

Secure Data Migration: Dayton Superior needed to ensure all data was moved over safely.

Data Classification: Dayton Superior needed to keep track of who has access to which documents, who is in fact accessing these documents, and prevent them from being lost.

The Varonis Solutions

Dayton Superior will leverage Varonis’ DatAdvantage to secure data being migrated to Microsoft Office 365 OneDrive for Business and to cloud-based file storage system SharePoint.

Dayton Superior has used DatAdvantage to gain insights into their on-premises IT systems for nearly seven years, and will now pivot the product to its new cloud-based environment, which it hopes will lower internal storage usage and give employees the flexibility to access files on remote devices.

“Being able to understand how our files are being used, how often, in what manner, by whom and at what times of the day has helped us to make decisions on what applications and web content management products to continue supporting,” says Bobby Keller, senior systems engineer at Dayton Superior.

Dayton Superior plans on rolling out the integration in the next three to four months.

Varonis DatAdvantage informs the company about the status of its files through an automatically generated weekly status report. Keller says he often passes these reports onto his management, so they are aware of what is happening on their internal network. Once the OneDrive/SharePoint integration is complete, Keller wants these reports routed to all data owners, so they can see on an ongoing basis who has access to their files.

Additionally, Dayton Superior’s upper management and lawyers have found value in maintaining a record of user activity on the company’s intellectual property and critical data.

“DatAdvantage also provides the company an added layer of protection from employees copying large amounts of data or deleting data,” says Keller. “If necessary, we would be able to leverage DatAdvantage for litigation purposes.”

A History of Transparency

Originally, Dayton Superior implemented DatAdvantage to provide insights on its domain environment after an acquisition of Symons. Initially, Dayton Superior managed both domains, as the companies still operated independently. Now though, due to streamlined operations, the company’s IT team was tasked with collapsing the companies’ employees into one environment — without any downtime.

Keller describes the domain environment prior to the Varonis integration as very opaque.

“We had no insight into who had access to what files and didn’t realize our CIFS [common internet file system] shares had been set up with ‘everyone’ access, even our group drive where each folder should be locked down to individual, project-based or departmental access only,” he says.

Keller was familiar with Varonis from a partner event and with the help of a Varonis engineer, they implemented their DatAdvantage solution. Integration took a couple of hours.

“It made our lives easier,” says Keller. “We get a lot of phone calls about missing files and folders, and 90 percent of the time, the user renamed or dragged and dropped it somewhere else. DatAdvantage makes it easy to see what happened and when.”

The program also enabled Dayton Superior to identify files that were never used but were taking up space. After DatAdvantage pinpointed these files, Keller’s department was able to clean up stale data.


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