Campbell Global

How Campbell Global reduced risk, increased productivity and lowered costs

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The Customer

Location: Portland Oregon

Industry: Financial & Banking

Products: DatAdvantage, IDU Classification Framework

Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, Campbell Global is a leader in sustainable timberland and natural resource investment management, tasked with managing roughly 3.1 million acres globally and about $6.1 billion USD in assets. Its 300 employees are spread throughout 25 offices. Campbell Global was named one of the Top Workplaces in Oregon by The Oregonian.

Today we are able to identify more sensitive information, isolate and monitor access to those folders, and report on them in real-time. Varonis has helped us put our information where it should be – while also training our employees effectively – so that we can put our hand on our hearts and know at any point in time what is happening with that information.

– Ian Aguilar, CTO of Campbell Global–Ian Aguilar, CTO of Campbell Global

Business Requirements

Client Confidentiality – One of Campbell Global’s Key Tenets: The company must be able to attest to who has access to what data, and who has viewed that data. Being confident in this level of internal and external control puts everyone’s mind at ease, especially because Campbell Global does a lot of acquisitions. According to Aguilar, “We need to know without a shadow of a doubt who can access it, whether it’s internal, IT, or external — it doesn’t matter.”

A Highly Collaborative Environment – Campbell Global’s 300 employees are spread throughout its 25 offices. The investment side of the house and the corporate side of the house are comprised of 75 people, and the remaining 225 work for the company, on behalf of its clients who manage the land. 80% of Campbell Global’s technology environment resides in the data center at the headquarters in Portland, Oregon. Each of Campbell Global’s remote offices is connected to corporate resources.

Why Varonis?

Campbell Global needed a reliable way to closely document, track and manage activity associated with corporate file data so that it can credibly assure its clients that their information assets are secure and that the possibility of an internal or external data leak is extremely remote. Campbell Global identified Varonis as the only company with solutions able to provide this high-level data intelligence and file management control important to both the organization and its clients.

According to Aguilar, “It wasn’t ‘can’ it be done, it was more this ‘has’ to be done.” After attending a few Varonis demos, Aguilar was convinced, “Varonis was the onlyproduct we considered because we knew with certainty that it could do what we needed it to do.”

Early in the implementation process, Campbell Global’s IT group quickly began to see returns on the Varonis investment. “Today we are able to identify more sensitive information, isolate and monitor access to those folders, and report on them in real-time.

Varonis has helped us put our information where it should be – while also training our employees effectively – so that we can put our hand on our hearts and know at any point in time what is happening to that information.”–Ian Aguilar, CTO of Campbell Global

The Varonis Solutions

Varonis DatAdvantage

Varonis DatAdvantage for Windows provides Campbell Global with a secure, single interface through which administrators can quickly manage and visualize permissions and, map all groups and users to only the data to which they should have access. DatAdvantage also provides a sortable and searchable audit trail of what data has been accessed by whom, giving the administrator insight into every touch of every file in the file system. When you’re dealing with a few billion dollars of your clients’ money, you must be absolutely sure about who has access to what data and when. Varonis DatAdvantage enables us to be confident that the confidentiality of our client data is what it needs to be.”

A few months ago an important folder was accidentally deleted. Once Aguilar was given the name of the folder, he launched DatAdvantage, and within a few minutes he was able to see where the folder was, and who on the team had deleted it unintentionally. Varonis DatAdvantage has eliminated these processes and concerns, resulting in higher standards of transparency and productivity at Campbell Global.

Varonis IDU Data Classification Framework

The Varonis IDU Classification Framework gives Campbell Global visibility into the content of its data, providing intelligence on where sensitive data resides across its file systems. By integrating file classification information from its included classification engine alongside the rest of the Varonis metadata in the DatAdvantage interface, the IDU Classification Framework enables actionable intelligence about where data may be at risk, including a prioritized report of those folders with the most exposed permissions AND containing the most sensitive data.

“Varonis Data Classification Framework has helped us be more efficient while giving us visibility in specific areas where we really needed more visibility. I know without a shadow of a doubt where our credit card information is, and the location of any social security numbers.”

Varonis Professional Services

“Varonis Professional Services came in and helped us get the most out of our investment ensuring everything was up and running and training us on some of the finer nuances that we need in this business to be able to protect our information. When we first canvased our environment to find out where the potentially sensitive and compliant types of information was located, you get an incredibly long list, but to find that needle in the haystack you have to look through the entire haystack.

With the help of Varonis’ professional services team we have been able to fine-tune that to the point that I know where every instance of sensitive critical information is, and I am confident that my knowledge of them is accurate.”


Reduced Risk “As Campbell Global’s CTO, it’s my responsibility to make sure what is possible becomes improbable when it comes to data, and Varonis is what allows for it to be improbable. These days, I’m also concerned with internal data leaks versus external cyber breaches. Thanks to Varonis, the probability of Campbell Global not knowing something or being caught off guard is now very, very small.”

At every board meeting Aguilar presents the security measures he and his team are taking to protect Campbell Global corporate and customer data. “Campbell Global values integrity above and beyond any other trait. For our IT department to have the ability to identify folks who have access to every piece of data in the environment – to be able to have the integrity and transparency to say this is how we monitor, and this is how we provide transparency to the business – has been very well received. Our executive team knows that we are fully aware, at all times, where our information is and what needs to be protected.”

Improved Employee Productivity, Collaboration, & Efficiency Varonis has significantly contributed to faster processes, increased transparency, and greateroverall efficiency at Campbell Global. Aguilar said that without Varonis the company wouldn’t be able to produce the same level of transparency it desires, or it would have to negotiate a lower level of transparency. He believes that in five years the overall cost of managing the data without Varonis’ support wouldn’t be sustainable.

“The automated and reliable nature of Varonis software is a huge productivity boost for us,” said Aguilar. Lower Costs “In many cases a company needs to hire internal specialists to manage a particulartechnology solution, which of course involves training and ensuring someone on staff could back them up if necessary, which results in higher costs. Varonis worked with us to create a model that’s right for our size and our industry. In terms of cost, we pay for what we need, and nothing more. Varonis’ professional services folks ensured that the implementation process went smoothly and that we got exactly what we needed.”