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Our Risk Assessments quickly show you where your most vulnerable data is stored, who is accessing it and what needs to be done to secure it

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Our Varonis engineers have vast amounts of experience in assessing the security of unstructured data.

We’ll collect and analyze the metadata from your email systems, directory services (AD, LDAP, NIS) and the behavior of your users.

How does it work?

Your dedicated engineer will:

  • Discover and isolate in-scope infrastructure
  • Identify and prioritize at-risk areas
  • Enumerate and assess accessibility and usage
  • Install appropriate assessment technologies
  • Provide recommendations for remediation

We’ll give you a comprehensive report identifying your exposed sensitive data, users with unusual permission grants, high risk areas and where you can safely and swiftly pull back access, reducing your risk profile.

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Capabilities Assessment

Identify where your strengths and weaknesses lie.

Environmental Assessment

Highlight low hanging fruit and high-impact remediation.

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