COVID-19 Cybersecurity Resource Center

We realize that with anxious employees working from vulnerable home networks, it is now more critical than ever to ensure the safety and security of your business and remote workforce. The Varonis COVID-19 Cyber Task Force is available to help you with any of the issues that arise as you transition your workforce.
Video Watch this short video to learn how we can help protect your company. Watch
Webinar Watch an on-demand webinar covering how to protect data at scale in Office 365. Watch
Video Hear how a phishing attack unfolds and other threats facing the remote workforce. Watch
Webinar Join a no-cost webinar showing how attackers can launch an Office 365 attack and how to defend against it. Watch
Datasheet Learn more about the Incident Response Team, our group of in-house cybersecurity analysts. Learn More
Varonis is fully committed to supporting you and your business during this challenging time. Contact Us
Video Hear about brute-force and ransomware attacks and other threats. Watch
Video Hear about phishing attacks targeting executives. Watch
Video Hear about attacks on open RDP connections and more. Watch
Hacking WFH WiFi for Corporate Attacks Video Thumbnail
Video Watch a demonstration of how attackers can target remote employees home WiFi. Watch

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