Varonis App for Splunk

Integrate Splunk with Varonis

Bring Varonis DatAlert functionality to Splunk® Enterprise to give you comprehensive visibility into data security.

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Send alerts from DatAlert to Splunk

Get the most out of Splunk by integrating with DatAlert: DatAlert sends alerts to the Varonis App for Splunk, enhancing security benefits and accelerating investigations. Users are able to locate Varonis alerts directly in the Splunk user interface, and drill down into DatAlert for additional insight and context into what’s going on.

Accelerate Investigations

Streamline your investigation with the DatAlert Web UI – and determine whether suspicious activity is malicious or a misconfiguration. Drill down from Splunk into the DatAlert Web UI for full investigation into potential security breaches and misconfigurations.

Map Alerts

Map Splunk notable events to Varonis alerts – and build a better dashboard.  Get the data you want with the context you need.

Maximize the ROI of your SIEM

Get more out of Splunk with DatAlert – correlate Varonis alerts with other events collected by Splunk Enterprise, and visualize your at-risk assets with advanced threat detection from Varonis.

See how Splunk and Varonis work together

All Varonis products are free to try and come with complimentary concierge onboarding and installation.