Varonis Enterprise Security

A powerful software suite to protect your data from the inside out.

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Defend your file and email servers
from cyber-attacks and insider threats

User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA)

We automatically profile the entities that use data – employees, executives, administrators, and service accounts – and alert on suspicious activity.

Varonis knows when your insiders “break bad” or attackers compromise an employee’s account.


See how Varonis UEBA works.

What makes Varonis different?

Our platform helps you understand and protect unstructured data. We don’t depend solely on feeds from other logging tools, so the fidelity of our metadata is higher, and we have context about what data is most critical, most accessed, and most risky.

Predictive Threat Models

Our threat models give you out-of-the-box detection across every stage of a potential data breach–from reconnaissance to exfiltration.

  • Abnormal access to sensitive files
  • Account hijacking and privilege abuse
  • Suspicious modifications to critical GPOs and other AD objects
  • Abnormal behavior from service accounts
  • Data access or configuration changes outside of normal hours
  • Membership changes to admin groups

Varonis integrates with SIEM and other UBA systems (including HP ArcSight, FireEye, and Splunk), allow you to combine our unstructured data alerts with other activity.

Free Risk Assessment

Actionable results in 30 days. For free.

We had an outbreak of the crypto virus. Using Varonis I was able to identify the infected user that was encrypting our shares and lock down access in 5 minutes…[I was able to] restore the files that were affected by the user. Varonis saved the day.

Customizable real-time alerts how you want them

Configure your own alerts based on event type, file extension, time, activity thresholds, data sensitivity and much more. Send alerts to your SIEM, syslog, SNMP traps, email, or one of our integrations.

Trigger custom actions by kicking off a custom PowerShell script to disable a user, change permissions, or call an API.

Easily configure custom alerts

Comprehensive auditing

We capture and analyze every user action on unstructured data. Monitoring is non-intrusive and doesn’t require native auditing, making it faster than ever to perform forensics investigations and prove compliance.

Free Risk Assessment

Actionable results in 30 days. For free.

See which accounts have too much access

Varonis gives you a complete permissions map and uses bi-directional cluster analysis to pinpoint users that have access to information they don’t need to do their job.

Sensitive data discovery

We’ll find your sensitive files, show you where they’re exposed, and help you lock them down (and keep it that way) without interrupting business.

Free Risk Assessment

Actionable results in 30 days. For free.

Enforce a least privilege model

We use adaptive algorithms to pinpoint users that have access to files they don’t need to do their job. Simulate permissions changes in sandbox before clicking commit.

Secure your Active Directory

Easily report and alert on changes to critical security groups, users, group policies, OUs, and other AD objects.

Meet compliance requirements

Our audit trail and permissions reports help you prove compliance with regulations such as SOX, HIPAA, PCI, GLB and more.

Take control of your enterprise data

All Varonis products are free to try and come with complimentary concierge onboarding and installation.