DatAdvantage for SharePoint

Is sensitive content lurking in your SharePoint sites?

Identify and lock down sensitive files, monitor access to sites and libraries, and automate data migrations to and from SharePoint.

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Who’s accessing sensitive data in SharePoint?

DatAdvantage for SharePoint turns week-long permissions archeology projects into a few clicks.

We don’t just show you where sensitive data lives: we show you who can access it, where it’s overexposed, who is accessing it, and how to lock it down safely.

DatAdvantage provides comprehensive auditing, permissions visibility, and data classification for SharePoint.

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Fix problems quickly and intelligently

When you spot a permissions problem in SharePoint, you can fix it without stopping people in their tracks.

Simulate the change in DatAdvantage and execute the change directly from our interface (or schedule it for later).

“For us compliance is the big one. With DatAdvantage we can produce proof to corroborate that we have controls in place to meet these regulations and that they’re effective. That, in itself, is invaluable.”

– Billie Criss, Senior Information Security Engineer, Windsor Health Group

Detect SharePoint data leaks
in real-time

Varonis performs User Behavior Analytics (UBA) to secure your data from the inside-out, using machine learning to find patterns and anomalous behavior to stop breaches before they happen.

Our sophisticated threat models analyze behavior across multiple platforms and alert you to suspicious activity and potential data breaches. From CryptoLocker infections to compromised service accounts to disgruntled employees, we’ll detect and alert you on all sorts of abnormal user behavior.

User Behavior Analytics

Migrating between SharePoint and Windows/NAS?

Explore Data Transport Engine

Control and monitor access to SharePoint

Everything you need to manage and protect your SharePoint environment.

Identify data owners

Put data access governance in the hands of the business—reducing IT burden, empowering decision-makers, and sustaining a least-privilege model.

Clean up stale data

Identify where data is no longer accessed by actual humans–save disk space, lower cost and simplify your environment all at once.

Create custom alerts

Alert on changes to important configuration files, access to sensitive files, privilege escalations, access denied events, and more.

Adhere to change control policies

Automatically detect and correct changes that don’t meet your organization’s change management policies.

Achieve regulatory compliance

Satisfy many of the requirements prescribed by SOX, HIPAA, PCI, GLB, FERC/NERC, and more.

Prevent data breaches

Get alerts on anomalous behavior, malware, privilege escalations, and unauthorized access to critical files and folders.

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