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The EU General Data Protection Regulation

Learn all about the new security requirements of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and how it has evolved.



Introduction to User Behavioral Analytics (UBA)

Learn the real lessons of recent data breaches and how to transform your security from the inside-out, starting with UBA.



Ransomware Guide for Healthcare Providers

Healthcare providers have always been attractive targets for data breaches – find out how to defend against a ransomware attack.

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Top 4 Tips to Secure Active Directory

We gathered all the tried-and-true tips, tricks, and best practices from the day to day experiences of AD Admins and security professionals who are in the trenches daily and put them together in one document.

User Behavior Analytics (UBA) and Varonis

The only way to spot and stop hackers is to closely track user behavior and monitor how they are accessing unstructured file system data.  Learn how to protect your unstructured assets from the inside out.

Data in the Cloud: What You Need to Know

What do you need to know before moving your data to the cloud?  What’s IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS? Is your data secure in the cloud? Learn the ins and outs and determine whether the cloud is right for you.

Enterprise Search: Unlocking Hidden Knowledge in Unstructured Data

Employees want answers to questions in addition to finding basic information provided by first-generation enterprise search. Learn how to make enterprise search better and smarter.

Insider Threats: Malice, Mistakes, and Mountain Lions

Protecting against insider threats, whether malicious or accidental, is extremely difficult, especially when 71% of employees say that they have access to information they aren’t supposed to see.  Grab our free guide to  6 tactics for preventing insider threats.

Secure Collaboration in a Digital World

With dynamic, cross-functional teams accessing data sets in numerous locations on multiple platforms, it is difficult to determine who has access, needs access, does access, and “owns” the data. This free whitepaper discusses how  you can collaborate securely.

PCI DSS for IT Pros and Other Humans

Varonis has reviewed the PCI Council’s 12 step program towards compliance and scaled it down to 3 straightforward meta steps.  Grab our free guide: PCI DSS for IT Pros and Other Humans to learn these steps and take action today!

Protecting SharePoint Data Long Term

This free whitepaper focuses on SharePoint access control management challenges, identifies best practices that need to be considered, and demonstrates how Varonis can help.

Prevent Wikileaks with Actionable Intelligence

This free whitepaper discusses how Varonis can significantly reduce your organization’s risk of data loss and legal liability through software automation with our Data Governance Suite.

Four Step Approach to Taming File Sharing Access

How many users and groups are in your Active Directory? Want to learn how to make managing file share access both easy for IT and secure for the business? This whitepaper will teach you 4 steps that can help meaningfully improve your file share management processes.

Next Generation Exchange Management

This free whitepaper discusses how an automated data governance solution for Exchange can identify data owners, show who has access, who should have access, who has been accessing, and which containers are stale.

Next Generation Enterprise Search

Enterprise search has traditionally been inefficient, slow, inaccurate and prone to exposing sensitive content.  This whitepaper will explore a whole new approach to enterprise search which brings strategies from Google and Netflix into the enterprise.

Mastering the Information Explosion

This free whitepaper discusses how the Varonis Metadata Framework successfully transforms ineffective, manual data governance processes to automated, precise, decision-enabling workflows.

Mastering Big Data

Many big data analytics are associated with “machine generated” data like trade information, location data, etc. However, 80% of organizational data lives on file servers, NAS devices and email systems in the form of spreadsheets, presentations, audio files, video files, blueprints and designs—human generated content. This whitepaper discusses how Varonis helps organizations better leverage, manage, and protect their human generated content.

Managing Unstructured Data: 10 Key Requirements

Human generated content, such as documents, presentations, and spreadsheets, takes up the lion’s share of digital storage capacity in most organizations and contains much of an enterprise’s valued assets.  Learn 10 key requirements to effectively manage these assets,

Leveraging the Power of Human-Generated Big Data

Learn how we can use big data analytics to tap into uncharted territory—human-generated data—and gain new business intelligence that was previously impossible or at least highly impractical.

Leveraging Metadata

Dynamically available metadata allows IT to answer questions that are otherwise unanswerable.  Learn how to effectively manage and protect data now, and for the next decade.

Preventing Data Loss: 10 Imperatives

This free whitepaper details the ten “must haves” for data protection. It centers on the Varonis approach to data governance – a comprehensive means to see, control and audit all aspects of unstructured data access.

Accelerating Audits with Automation

Many organizations have to respond to the queries of internal or external auditors and demonstrate that access to their unstructured data is being properly controlled. Find out how Varonis DatAdvantage and DataPrivilege provide immediate answers to these questions – and more – through an intuitive graphical interface and reports.

A Business Case for Data Governance

This free whitepaper compares the actions that IT must take to complete typical data governance related tasks without Varonis and contrasts the effort needed when compared to using DatAdvantage.

The IT Chargebacks Guide: How to Quantify IT’s Contribution to the Bottom Line

This free whitepaper will explore the reasons for moving to chargebacks, review and analyze different chargeback models, and then examine a variation of consumption-based chargebacks known as tiered billing.

Get Control of Cloud Based File Sync

If you have sensitive data, it’s probably being synced to the cloud without your knowledge.  Find out how using your existing infrastructure can offer collaboration without sacrificing security.

Data Owners: The Data Governance Frontier

Unstructured data needs an owner, or steward, that will make access control decisions.  Unfortunately, finding the right owner is really hard to do without automation.  Learn how in this free whitepaper.

Data Migration Planning Guide

Say goodbye to the weekend shifts and all-nighters. Learn a new approach to migrating & archiving data.

Children of the Digital Revolution

In the transportation revolution, when the roads got crowded and people started having accidents, the risks of injury and damage were clear – but we didn’t stop driving. The digital collaboration revolution has reached a similar stage.  Find out what lies ahead with this whitepaper.

11 Things IT Should Be Doing (But Isn’t)

This free whitepaper outlines 11 things that most IT departmentsaren’t doing, but should.  As a result, sensitive data is unprotected and being accessed by the wrong people, expensive storage is littered with stale data, and access controls are broken.

A Revolution in Permissions Management

The access control lists used to protect data often don’t accurately reflect the needs of your organization. Automation can help. Learn how an automated entitlement review process can revolutionize permissions management.

Fixing The “Everyone” Problem

How much sensitive data is open to everyone in your entire company? By answering this question, you can drastically reduce risk and prevent security and compliance nightmares.

5 Step Guide to Faster SharePoint Migrations

Creating SharePoint sites and libraries is pretty simple. Getting the right data to those sites and libraries isn’t.  This comprehensive whitepaper lays out a 5 step plan for faster, safer SharePoint migrations with Varonis.

Entitlement Reviews: A Practitioner’s Guide

Conducting entitlement reviews can be time consuming, error prone, and mostly manual. What if there was a better way?

Five Steps to Faster Data Classification

Is your conventional data classification method as efficient as it could be? No? There is a faster way.

Why IT Needs to Master Human Generated Data

This white paper discusses the challenges associated with the continued generation of human-generated content through digital collaboration, and why big data analytics techniques present both a remedy for current management and protection challenges, as well as opportunities for more efficient and informed collaboration.

The Evolution of PII

The whitepaper reviews how PII has evolved in the past years and the potential liabilities for not monitoring and controlling access to PII in corporate digital assets.

Accelerate Data Protection with Context Awareness

Learn why the traditional 3-pronged DLP Solution is not enough, and see how data protection with context is the key to keeping your data safe.

Into the Breach: A Look at Real Incidents from the Case Files

This whitepaper takes an in-depth look at lessons learned from data breaches in 3 verticals. What data do hackers look for once they’re inside your network? What attack vectors do they most commonly use? How are breaches detected (and how soon)? What can you do to protect yourself?

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