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All About Ransomware

What is ransomware? How does it work? Get a quick primer, and learn how to stop ransomware in its tracks.

Data Risk Assessment

See how the Varonis Data Risk Assessment turns the lights on, discovers critical vulnerabilities, and more.

Introduction to Ransomware

Explore the impact, evolution, mechanics, and prevention of ransomware in our free 8-part video course.

Insider threats and inside-out security

Learn how Varonis transforms data security by protecting enterprise data from the inside out.

Introduction to DatAlert

Find out what DatAlert does, how it works, and more.  See how to prioritize and investigate security threats.

The Enemy Within: Understanding Insider Threats

Get an in-depth look at insider threats in this online security course.

Introduction to DatAdvantage

Monitor file activity and user behavior, prevent security breaches, and manage permissions and auditing.

Intro to the Automation Engine

Get least privilege on auto pilot: fix inconsistent ACL’s, and safely removes global access groups – all without disrupting users.

Web Security Fundamentals

Get an in-depth look at the top 5 risks you should be aware of and how to combat them in this free video course.

Introduction to DataPrivilege

Get data access governance that works with DataPrivilege.

DatAlert Predictive Threat Models

Identify attacks with User Behavior Analytics (UBA) and Threat Models from Varonis.

Protecting data from the inside out

Yaki Faitelson, CEO and David Gibson, VP of Market Strategy discuss the data security landscape

Introduction to Data Classification Engine

Discover sensitive content and understand where your critical data is at risk.

Group Policy and DatAdvantage

Learn how to monitor GPO activity with DatAdvantage for Directory Services.

Introduction to DatAdvantage for Office 365

Give your data enterprise controls wherever it’s stored – protect your data in the cloud with Varonis.

Introduction to DatAnswers

Get secure enterprise search and eDiscovery with DatAnswers.

Introduction to DatAnywhere

Cloud-enable your data with enterprise file sync and share.

Introduction to Data Transport Engine

Migrate, archive, and delete data without downtime or cross-platform challenges.

Stopping Ransomware with DatAlert

See how Varonis customers – including the Boston Globe, Brown University, and Century Bank – use DatAlert to stop ransomware.

UK Customer Testimonials: DatAlert & Ransomware

Discover how Gas Strategies, Frontier Economics, and Semperian PPP Investment Partners use DatAlert to stop ransomware.

Société Générale

Hear how Société Générale has been using Varonis for over 7 years for data management.

Church Pension Group

Discover how Church Pension Group uses DatAdvantage and DataPrivilege to automate and manage their environment.

See how Varonis can help you avoid data breaches

All Varonis products are free to try and come with complimentary concierge onboarding and installation.