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What is Varonis Connect?

Varonis Connect is a friendly community where you can share ideas and information, participate in open Q&A forums, and access an extensive knowledge base spanning the entire suite of Varonis solutions.

Do you have feature requests for us?  Want to discuss a product customization with an engineer?  Talk shop with your peers? Look no further!

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What’s inside?

Feature Requests

Submit, vote, or comment on features you’d like to see in our products. Keep ‘em coming.


Get the answers to your questions from Varonis experts. Or lend a hand and show off your own IT skills.


Browse our vast library of video TechTalks with tips and tricks on how to get the most out of Varonis.


Search articles, tutorials, use cases, product documentation, and more.

Developer Center

Grab our custom scripts and discuss integrations. Use our APIs to extend the power of the Varonis platform.


Earn badges, climb the leaderboard, and take home cool schwag like a coveted pack of IT playing cards.

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