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How Varonis is Helping a Major Technology Provider Monitor and Protect Active Directory





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We reviewed other solutions but they typically excelled at either data visibility or threat detection—not both. Varonis is the only one that does it all and presents the information cleanly and precisely. The level of detail you can get into is astounding.

Server Engineer, Technology Provider, Healthcare Industry


This technology provider wanted more visibility into who had access to sensitive files and clear analytics that would provide context and insight into network events and high-risk areas. They also needed an easy way to cut through the “noise” of incoming data and spot the signs of compromise or attack.

Groups weren’t set up right. We had full files and folders everywhere. Individual users were disabled but still listed in file permissions. And people needed access to specific subfolders, but the permissions didn’t inherit properly—so that was broken. We needed a solution that could identify all of those problems and fix them quickly.

Server Engineer, Technology Provider, Healthcare Industry


  • Monitor & Alert to Unusual Activity within Directory Services: DatAdvantage for Active Directory allows the security engineers to watch for unusual activity within Directory Services, including abnormal login attempts based on each user's unique behavioral baseline, accounts being used in unusual ways, and signs of data exfiltration attempts.
  • Proactive Regulatory Compliance: With Varonis, this technology provider can ensure compliance with HIPAA regulations, and protect Payment Card Information (PCI) and Protected Health Information (PHI). They are now in the position to pass regular data audits.
  • Detect and Prevent Perimeter Threats & Cyberattacks: Whenever Varonis does detect something suspicious, DatAlert lets the security engineers know about the issue. It gives detailed context around the problem, which allows the security team to investigate further. Varonis Edge helps them detect and prevent perimeter threats, such as malware, APT intrusion, and data exfiltration.

Varonis alerts us to authentication anomalies, permission modifications, administrator group changes—anything suspicious that’s happening within our Active Directory.

Server Engineer, Technology Provider, Healthcare Industry

Customer Profile

  • Customer: U.S. Technology Provider
  • Industry: Healthcare

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