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How a Re-insurance Company Uses Varonis to Mitigate Risk During Mergers & Acquisitions


on GDPR data for compliance


threat detection and response


detect & fix permissions on high-risk files

When auditors ask you about your data security, Varonis gives you all the stats you need. It’s easy to print a report and prove, ‘Here’s where we were six months ago. Here’s where we are now.’

Industry Professional, IT Security, Global Re-insurance Company


M&A activity often results in thousands, if not millions, of documents that are exposed. Without a way to automatically categorize their contents, it’s impossible to know which documents contain sensitive personal identifying information (PII) protected under strict compliance regulations such as the EU’s GDPR. Another major concern is that companies sometimes acquire systems that have already been compromised by attackers.

Varonis provides so much value, especially when it comes to compliance. Everything is measurable, so it’s easy to prove that you’re proactively taking steps to conform to regulations.

Industry Professional, IT Security, Global Re-insurance Company


  • Visibility and control over their file shares: By combining DatAdvantage with DataPrivilege, the company is able to review and remediate entitlements and automatically monitor data usage. They can also generate reports on who can access what and clear audit trails showing every file a person’s touched.
  • Continuous monitoring and alerting on data and systems: DatAlert was instrumental in stopping a major ransomware attack shortly after it was purchased.
  • Identification of sensitive data, like PII, on file shares and who has access to it: Varonis allows the company to discover files containing European citizen data and monitor them for suspicious behavior.

DatAlert noticed the anomalous behavior right away, which helped us get ahead of the infection proactively. We also realized that the antivirus solution we had at the time wasn’t sufficient. Without Varonis, we wouldn’t have known it was happening until it was much worse.

Industry Professional, IT Manager, Global Re-insurance Company

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  • Customer: Re-insurance Company

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