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How Rabobank automates reporting, meets financial requirements, and manages access to confidential data with Varonis

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At Rabobank we have several compliance requirements to meet because we deal with a lot of confidential data from financial transactions... And questions come in from the business about activity on file servers and SharePoint, such as, ‘Who did what at which moment?’ These sort of questions are hard to answer without having a solution that keeps track of all events.

Sebastiaan Van Putten, Technical Engineer, Rabobank


Rabobank needed to prove it could control global access to corporate and customer data as part of the financial industry’s many regulatory requirements. Without a logical or optimal permission structure in place, it was nearly impossible to identify who was working with the data and to which department it belonged. They required a solution that would be capable of managing data access and control across a global organization.

Without Varonis, we wouldn’t be able to fulfill a lot of these regulatory demands because it would take a huge amount of time to collect the information – and even if we could, it would already be outdated. With DatAdvantage, we can automatically trigger reports rather than do the work manually.

Sebastiaan Van Putten, Technical Engineer, Rabobank


  • Manage permissions and access control: Varonis helps Rabobank identify owners of unstructured data - with full visibility into all necessary information like groups, users, and folders are available. Rabobank leverages Varonis to automatically highlight users and groups that are inactive, redundant, or unnecessary and highlight areas where permissions can be safely reduced.
  • Get visibility into data activity: Rabobank uses Varonis to find out who is accessing, using and deleting information from its Windows and SharePoint environments: reducing risk, improving security, and decreasing the time it takes for auditing and reporting.
  • Compliance and regulatory auditing: Rabobank has many compliance requirements to meet - especially dealing with confidential data from financial transactions. Varonis helps them fulfill these regulatory demands with automated reporting and auditing, improving productivity and reducing risk. Varonis enables Rabobank to quickly troubleshoot problems, reduce risk, and answer questions about who can and should access data.

Varonis helps our team identify incidents faster when users gain access to files to which they shouldn’t have access. Before Varonis, no one knew which users had permission to which data. With Varonis, we are capable of reporting on specific file structures and which files can be accessed.

Sebastiaan Van Putten, Technical Engineer, Rabobank

Customer Profile

  • Customer: Rabobank
  • Industry: Financial Services
  • Location: Utrecht, Netherlands

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