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How Options delivers GDPR compliance to leading global fintech companies


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“At Options, we take due diligence around GDPR and other regulations very seriously. Varonis is extremely useful in meeting these demands, both for ourselves and our customers. Having a solution that can be configured to exacting specifications provides a powerful advantage for financial firms that face a high level of regulatory scrutiny. With GDPR Patterns, we can ensure our clients are able to produce detailed reports, should the regulator audit them.”

John Gracey, VP of Cybersecurity, Options


With the financial services sector facing both an increased risk from cyber criminals and greater pressure from compliance regulators than most other industries, Options must ensure that client data is securely managed and protected from a range of potential threats.

With increased governance regarding data protection and revised privacy laws such as GDPR, Options’ customers expect the highest level of support in identifying and managing access to personally identifiable information held by their organization.

“Our conversations with clients effectively come back to visibility and risk mitigation. For us to understand what the risk posture is for our clients, we need a granular view across their entire estate, including where sensitive files are stored and what permissions are appropriate.”

John Gracey, VP of Cybersecurity, Options


  • Visibility of data permissions: DatAdvantage provides Options IT and its fintech clients with granular visibility into file activity across their file stores.
  • Data management and security: DatAdvantage provides detailed, customized reports and identifies anomalous behavior – rapid file access, deletion or transfer – that could indicate a cyberattack.
  • GDPR auditing and compliance: With DatAdvantage and GDPR Patterns, Options provides clients with detailed reports into data affected by GDPR, which helps ensure compliance and assists in the auditing process.

“Varonis’ Data Security Platform has become an integral part of our managed service operations, and their solutions play a key role in enabling us to deliver the high quality IT support expected by our clients.”

John Gracey, VP of Cybersecurity, Options

Customer Profile

  • Customer: Options IT
  • Industry: Financial technology managed services
  • Location: Global

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