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How Loyola University Maryland prioritizes their security efforts and educates employees on data storage best practices

Audit trail

of all file activity


with PCI, GLBA and other regulations


discovery and protection

It was like an a-ha moment. Varonis is a product that is not only going to help us to find [sensitive data], but it's going to help us to protect it.

Louise Finn, CIO, Loyola University Maryland


When hackers successfully breached a nearby university, the IT staff at Loyola University Maryland knew they had to act fast to secure their own environment. Academic institutions are prime targets for cyber criminals. A large university often has sensitive personal identifiable information (PII) and protected health information (PHI) on tens of thousands of students.

The exfiltration of data is light speed. So having a tool that’s running in the background — always scanning and looking based upon behaviors that it’s absorbing — is such a win for us.

Louise Finn, CIO, Loyola University Maryland


  • Visibility into sensitive data across data stores: During a Varonis risk assessment, Loyola gained visibility into the information housed on their network. They discovered large amounts of PII and PHI that had to be managed and secured immediately.
  • Automation to help with compliance: Automated tools from Varonis expedite the process while helping Loyola stay compliant with standards such as GLBA, PCI and FERPA.
  • Detect and respond to unusual activity on the network: The university received automated alerts on anomalous user behavior that is compared with historical access patterns.

If an employee is leaving the institution, they often decide to download whatever they want, maybe not realizing those files belong to the university. DatAdvantage allows us to see what’s happening, giving us the ability to take action if we need to.

Louise Finn, CIO, Loyola University Maryland

Customer Profile

  • Customer: Loyola University Maryland
  • Industry: Education
  • Location: Baltimore, Maryland, U.S.

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