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How Dedham Savings Bank prevents security breaches and keeps customer data safe
with Varonis


of data


regulatory requirements


disparate networks

We're based on trust: customers need to know that they can trust their information with us. CryptoLocker was on our mind, ransomware was on our mind: the sheer amount of customer data on our network was eye-opening.

Jim Hanlon, SVP & CTO, Dedham Savings Bank


Dedham Savings Bank needed a solution to help identify customer and sensitive data, protect that data from cyberattacks and insider threats, and meet regulatory and compliance requirements. They needed visibility into their data, and a scalable solution to manage and protect a growing set of customer and corporate data.

Identifying customer data on the network is critical, and so is the sensitive internal data on the network that we may have never thought of before that may have been left behind by former employees. Take Target and Sony Pictures, for example, where the hackers found administrative credentials on their networks. You won’t have any insight to that unless you have a solution like Varonis to help you out.

Jim Hanlon, SVP & CTO, Dedham Savings Bank


  • Protect customer and corporate data: Dedham Savings protects their sensitive data by leveraging Varonis to monitor insider behavior to detect suspicious activity such as mass deletions, employees accessing data they shouldn’t, and quickly alert the IT staff to unusual file access behavior like rapid encryption of files stored on its servers.
  • Meet regulatory compliance: With Varonis, Dedham can now monitor who is accessing what data, maintain an audit trail for compliance, and be confident of where customer data resides on their networks.
  • Alert on potential security breaches: Dedham Savings uses Varonis to detect and alerts on potential security breaches by analyzing file activity, Active Directory changes, permissions changes, and other events on the network.

It’s nice to know Varonis is looking out or us and will be able to catch things and help us proactively prevent internal and external data breaches.

Jim Hanlon, SVP & CTO
  • Identify and classify unstructured data: Dedham Savings can now discover terabytes of customer and sensitive data that is spread across the network
  • Reduce Risk: With Varonis, Dedham Savings found that three-quarters of their data was stale (and vulnerable to security breaches) - and needed to be archived.
  • Migrate data: Dedham Savings used Varonis to help migrate data from its file service to SharePoint without the hassle and downtime, permissions, translation issues or cross-platform challenges.

Varonis has helped us solve a major ongoing business challenge, which is identifying and classifying the unstructured data on our file systems. One of the biggest regulatory requirements right now is to be totally confident about where customer information resides on your network. When you know where it is, then there are no surprises.

Jim Hanlon, SVP & CTO, Dedham Savings Bank

Customer Profile

  • Customer: Dedham Savings Bank
  • Industry: Finance
  • Location: Dedham, Massachusetts, U.S.

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