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How a Multinational Consulting Firm Increased Workflow Efficiency with DataPrivilege


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“DataPrivilege cuts out the middleman and that alone is worth its weight in gold. Users who need group access can ask data owners directly, which saves my team between 10–20 hours per week.”

Senior Network Engineer, IT Department, Multinational Consulting Firm


Varonis’ client (anonymous by request) is a leading multinational consulting firm that helps attorneys perform research and navigate complex litigations. The reports it prepares for its clients often play a big role in the outcome of multimillion-dollar cases. Ensuring the security of sensitive data, including pivotal case material, was critical.

The firm had over 6,500 Active Directory groups—a huge amount for a company with fewer than 1,000 employees— and IT was solely responsible for provisioning permissions. But IT members weren’t in a position to know which employees were supposed to have access to certain files, folders, and groups.

Consequently, their small team was spending all day, every day chasing down data owners in order to make informed decisions.

"With DataPrivilege, data owners have direct control over who they add to their groups. There’s no wait time, and no need for IT to serve as the middleman. That saves a huge amount of time.”

Senior Network Engineer, IT Department, Multinational Consulting Firm


  • Data Access & Permissions Transferred to Data Owners: Varonis DataPrivilege streamlines permissions management. An intuitive web portal enables data owners to grant or restrict access directly, without waiting for IT to sort out authorization workflows.
  • Visibility and Control of Sensitive Data: DatAdvantage for Windows maps who can access (and who does access) sensitive data across their on-prem environments. DataPrivilege gives them heightened control when it comes to reviewing access and monitoring data usage.
  • Audit Reporting in Minutes, Not Hours: DatAdvantage, the heart of Varonis’ Data Security Platform, makes the auditing process especially easy. With it, the Senior Network Engineer can quickly and effortlessly audit and report on every single file and email touch on-premises and in the cloud.

“One of our big finance clients used to demand that we audit group permissions every six months. The audit used to take me hours because I spent half of my time cleaning up permissions and tracking down data owners. Now it takes 20 minutes, and I don’t need to bother group officers.”

Senior Network Engineer, IT Department, Multinational Consulting Firm

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  • Location: U.S.
  • Industry: Services

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