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I need to know two things – where my sensitive information is and who has access to it. Three out of four companies ... could only answer one of those questions. I need to know both or the information is almost irrelevant.

Quinn Shamblin, Executive Director and Information Security Officer, Boston University


Boston University has a very large, complex environment: staff who use predominantly Windows; faculty who use 50/50 Windows and Mac; students who use personal Macs and Windows PCs, mobile devices, and University provided thin-client lab computers; and a multifaceted research community that is a combination of Windows and Mac, with a strong UNIX and Linux user base, including BU’s own flavor of Linux. As with any organization, it faces the usual challenges of a continuous ebb and flow of people interacting with data.

Prior to settling on a data governance solution, Boston University was looking for a data loss technology to protect various sensitive areas within its data centers.

Varonis offered a very strong combination of features and capabilities without having to go to multiple products and incur multiple licensing fees. And it does what I need it to do…helping us be even more effective in dealing with the challenge of data loss prevention.

Quinn Shamblin, Executive Director and Information Security Officer, Boston University


  • Gain visibility into user and group access: Varonis DatAdvantage aggregates Active Directory user and group details, ACL information and all data access events – without requiring native auditing tools.
  • Discover and lock down sensitive content: Data Classification Engine accurately identifies files containing sensitive information, allowing IT to immediately identify folders with excessive permissions that contain quantities of sensitive data for remediation.
  • Meet auditing requirements: DatAdvantage collects intelligence that benefits the IT team, the system administrators and auditors across the campus.

Because of what it does, recording all permissions and file access events, [DatAdvantage] can answer the core question the audit groups are always asking – who has access to what... Varonis has value not just for my team but also the system administrators and auditors within the organization.

Quinn Shamblin, Executive Director and Information Security Officer, Boston University

Customer Profile

  • Customer: Boston University
  • Industry: Higher Education
  • Location: Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.

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