Why Varonis?

A secure perimeter is no longer enough. We protect your data from the inside-out and eliminate manual, error-prone tasks.

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Secure your data.
Protect your business.

For most businesses, unstructured data continues to grow at an exponential rate.  More business = more files, documents, spreadsheets, emails.  The data that your business is built on.

How do you manage that data?  Do you know who can access what files?  How to automate access? How to enforce business policy and compliance?

How do you protect that data?  Who’s deleting and moving data?  Where are you most vulnerable to data theft? Can you detect suspicious activity from the inside?

How do you access that data? Can you collaborate, track, and use your data over mobile, desktop, and web? Can you find critical data when you need it most?

Discover the value of your data with Varonis
Get actionable intelligence and secure your data from the inside-out.

We’ve got you covered.

IT Operations

  • Visualize data structures and permissions
  • Easily identify and fix misconfigurations and other issues
  • Analyze activity and find lost files
  • Automate authorization and review processes
  • Simulate changes and reduce unneeded access
  • Audit and trend all file and email activity
  • Identify and archive and migrate data

Security and Compliance

  • Monitor, analyze, and alert on user behavior using machine learning
  • Identify and mitigate threats and breaches
  • Quarantine and lock down sensitive files and at-risk data
  • Identify and remediate excessive access
  • Automate access provisioning and entitlement reviews


  • Intelligently automate migration, archival, deletion
  • Optimize storage utilization
  • Align data with business units, data owners, cost-centers
  • Automate analysis, access provisioning, and data classification
  • Enable search and mobile access on existing storage systems

Data Owners

  • Grant and revoke access to your data without IT’s help
  • Scheduled attestations/reviews make entitlement management easy
  • Visualize access and activity
  • Generate and receive reports about your data


  • Understand your data and how it’s used
  • Identify critical data and protect it from the inside-out
  • Automate time consuming tasks for increased productivity
  • Eliminate operational overhead
  • Limit the potential for damage in the event of a breach


  • Get access to data without waiting for IT
  • Cloud-enable your file shares, and access data from anywhere
  • Share data easily and collaborate securely
  • Find the data you know you need with targeted search results
  • Prevent data breaches

Varonis is on an extremely short list of companies that supply products I wouldn’t be without in any major executive role in any public company, three-letter agency, government office, or IT firm.

— Rob Enderle, President, The Enderle Group

An explosion of use cases

  • Visualize access activity
  • Visualize data hierarchy and permissions
  • Align data to business units
  • Find and track data owners
  • Implement data owner and end user self-service
  • Enforce data management policies
  • Automate archival and disposition
  • Automate server, platform, and domain migrations
  • Automate data restructuring and normalization projects
  • Find lost/missing files
  • Classify and tag data
  • Analyze data with User Behavior Analytics
  • Find and remediate exposed sensitive data
  • Remediate access control issues
  • Facilitate role-based access
  • Manage Exchange distribution groups
  • Enforce change management policies
  • Detect privilege escalations
  • Detect malware, hackers, and insider threats
  • Find and fix domain and server misconfigurations
  • Speed-up domain and data cleanup projects
  • Satisfy compliance requirements
  • Many more…

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