Pricing & Licensing

All our products have a risk-free 30-day unlimited free trial and a perpetual user license model. You’re never charged based on the amount of data you have.

Return on Investment

Most of our customers see a return on their investment in 3 to 6 months, and for those who have prevented data breaches, that investment has been priceless.


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Common Questions

How easy is it to add more products later?

Super easy. 6 out of 7 products run on the same Varonis Platform, so enabling a new product is as easy as flipping a switch. The only product that is a standalone installation is DatAnywhere.

How do I determine my user count?

We charge per user that can potentially access data on platforms Varonis is monitoring.

Do you offer term licenses?

Yes. Term licensing is available. Contact your sales rep for more details.

Do you charge based on data volume?

No. As your data grows, the costs of Varonis products will not increase, making your TCO predictable.