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Solution for Secure Collaboration

  • Use metadata to answer questions about data
  • Remediate exposures (like the everyone group)
  • Align data with data owners
  • Involve data owners in data governance and perform entitlement reviews
  • Monitor data use and alert on abuse

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How can you tell if your organization is practicing secure collaboration?

Pick two people in your organization at random, and pose the following questions to IT and data policy makers:

  • What data can those two people access? (Not what groups they're in, what actual data — what folders, files, SharePoint sites, mailboxes, etc.)
  • What have those two people accessed over the past week? (Not which servers; which actual files, folders and emails)
  • Which of that data is sensitive and/or would cause problems if it were lost or released?
  • How did we decide what data these users should have access to? (Not what groups they're in, what data)
  • How will we decide when they should no longer have access to data? (Other than when they leave the organization)
  • If they suddenly decided to access everything they could, how would we know?

If your organization knows the answers to these questions, and the answers are better than "I don't know," then you're in reasonably good shape. If not, then your organization's collaboration practices are uncontrolled, and not only are you at risk for a significant breach, but small-scale breaches are probably happening already.

The question has become, "How can we transform chaotic collaboration into secure collaboration to make it more ordered, manageable, and less risky, using the same platforms that we've already invested in and use so heavily—file shares, email, SharePoint?"

The Varonis Solution

The Varonis® Data Governance Suite enables secure collaboration by providing a complete metadata framework and integrated product suite for the governance of unstructured data on file servers, NAS devices and semi-structured data on SharePoint and Exchange servers. Organizations can audit and manage data use, access control, ownership identification, classification, entitlements and authorization processes for their critical data effectively and automatically. Digital collaboration boundaries can be safely expanded while significantly increasing IT workforce productivity for daily data protection and management tasks.

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Metadata Streams

Four types of metadata are critical for data governance

  • User and Group Information - from Active Directory, LDAP, NIS, SharePoint, etc.
  • Permissions information - knowing who can access what data in which containers
  • Access Activity - knowing which users do access what data, when and what they've done
  • Sensitive Content Indicators - knowing which files contain items of sensitivity and importance, and where they reside

Varonis Metadata Image

Why Varonis

Data protection is necessary to safeguard an organization's customers, employees, business partners, and investors. It is fundamental in securing an organization's intellectual property and competitive edge, and for maintaining the organizational trust required for it to properly function. Ongoing, scalable data protection and management require technology designed to handle an ever-increasing volume and complexity—a metadata framework.

The Varonis Metadata Framework non-intrusively collects this critical metadata, generates metadata where existing metadata is lacking (e.g. its file system filters and content inspection technologies), pre-processes it, normalizes it, analyzes it, stores it, and presents it to IT administrators in an interactive, dynamic interface. Once data owners are identified, they are empowered to make informed authorization and permissions maintenance decisions through a configurable web-based interface—that are then executed—with no IT overhead or manual backend processes.


30-Day Trial

Our 30-Day Free Trial provides a full audit of your file system or your SharePoint environment. Audit permissions, auditing access, usage statistics, recommendations, impact analysis, and identification of business owners.

Within hours of installation

You can instantly conduct a permissions audit: File and folder access permissions and how those map to specific users and groups. You can even generate reports.

Within a day of installation

Varonis® DatAdvantage® will begin to show you which users are accessing the data, and how.

Within 3 weeks of installation

Varonis® DatAdvantage® will actually make highly reliable recommendations about how to limit access to files and folders to just those users who need it for their jobs.

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